Two Australian FinTech startups have formed a data alliance

Two Australian FinTech startups have formed a data alliance

One of the 14 Australian fintechs chosen last month for KPMG’s new accelerator mLabs has formed a strategic alliance with another data-based startup it met through the program.

DSYNC, a systems integration platform and part of the KPMG mLabs, and UniLibre, a data solution provider, say the alliance is a great channel potential opportunity.

mLabs is an accelerator designed to connect credit unions and mutual banks with some of Australia’s most promising fintech startups. The program follows the successful Energise accelerator run for the energy and natural resources sector last year.

Simon Church, DSYNC’s co-founder, says he’s collaborating with UniLibre on multiple projects.

And the two companies are in talks with several financial institutions in Australia and the US to leverage their bundled integration solution.

One of the banks on the mLabs program introduced Church to Uni‎Libre.

DSYNC connects all types of applications, essentially building bridges between different formats and applications. UniLibre is all about helping companies make best use of their business data.

UniLibre uses DSYNC to safely transform, and transport the data. And DSYNC needs UniLibre to translate legacy banking data.


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Source: Two Australian fintech startups have formed a data alliance | Business Insider