Lendary launches high yield margin lending algorithm for crypto trading in Asia

Lendary launches high yield margin lending algorithm for crypto trading in Asia

Lendary, the fintech company that has revolutionized margin lending in crypto markets with automated peer-to-peer lending, is expanding its service in Asia. The Lendary platform will be available in English, Chinese, and soon, Bahasa.

Asia has always been in our plan,” said Agost Makszin, Managing Partner of Lendary Asia. “We want to launch in this region with a proven track record and well tested platform; after two years of solid performance delivering double-digit returns for our users, we are ready.”

Lendary has successfully funded more than 550,000 margin trades with lending volume issued reaching US$650 million as of Q1 2021. Since July 2019, Lendary has seen a year on year growth of more than 200% on margin volume issued on Lendary.net. Globally, the active margin volume used on the relevant exchanges has increased from US$300 million in 2019 to US$1.6 billion in 2021.

Lendary enables investors to earn passive and fixed income from the cryptocurrency space without directional crypto exposure. Lendary automates margin lending with provision of capital to margin traders in a fully controlled environment on one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. A robust liquidation technology ensures that the capital is paid back to Lendary users with earned interest regardless of the margin traders wins or losses.

Simply put, Lendary allows investors to act like a bank, lending money to margin traders who pay interest in return, creating a constant stream of fixed income, all of which can be tracked via a personalized dashboard.

“Lendary’s service may find particular appeal in Asian markets where interest rates are traditionally low with some having been in the negative interest territory for over a decade,” said Benjamin Thomsen, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Lendary. “Lendary aims to provide an alternative, opening up the future of fixed income.”