Ignition Wealth previews single page financial wellness profile

Ignition Wealth previews single page financial wellness profile

Ignition Wealth took the stage at last week’s dynamic Class CUP Connect conference event to unveil the latest development in their world leading digital financial technology.


Ignition Wealth presented at the Class CUP Connect conference as partners of Class Super. The Ignition Wealth technology stack is fully integrated with Class Super, the leading cloudbased SMSF administration software. Class Super customers can now seamlessly access Ignition Wealth digital financial advice via the Class Super portal.


Using the latest in cloudbased financial aggregation technology the new Ignition

Wealth technology provides consumers with a holistic, interactive, personal financial wellness profile. One simple registration process allows the consumer to aggregate all of their financial data within the Ignition Wealth app.


The new single page snapshot allows us to clearly show your assets and liabilities and to benchmark them against your financial goals. The snapshot presents insights and actionable options to allow the customer to take control of their financial future.

Mark Fordree, CEO, Ignition Wealth.


Assets, income, debts and liabilities are aggregated into one easy to use screen giving the user a clear picture of their real financial status as well as meaningful insights and advice. The tool also factors in your personal income tax and loan repayments. Best of all, after one simple registration, the app updates in real time, reflecting changes in all of the registered linked accounts.


Ignition Wealth has been powering tools and calculators for the financial services sector since 2011, delivering a proven track record of successful member engagement, driving an increase in the value of funds invested.


This Ignition Wealth launch demonstrates a move to a next generation of technology where tools and calculators are automatically populated with personal information and financial data, radically improving the customer experience.


This new technology marks a significant benefit to clients as they are now truly empowered to consciously and intelligently manage their wealth journey.

Using technology to automate these processes also has huge benefits for advisers and accountants striving for an improved work life balance as we decrease time spent at work and increase revenue.

Mark Fordree, CEO, Ignition Wealth.