Paytime is an Earned Wage/Salary Access (EWA) provider.

Paytime is a holistic HR focused fintech with a mission to ensure that Australian organisations can offer workers access to their wages/salary as and when they want it, so that they are in control of their own money and can ensure that it is working harder and smarter for them.

Paytime provides businesses with a technology platform that integrates seamlessly into their payroll software enabling employees the ability to access their Earned Wages, at anytime in the month, without needing to always wait for a set payday. By turning every shift and every work day into payday, workers have real-time access to the money they have earned, but for which they have not yet been paid for.

Paytime marries access to salary/wages with forecasting and budgeting tools, to ensure well-being management and financial confidence.

Why wait 7 to 30 days for payday! As a result, employers are seeing double digit improvement in employee engagement, productivity, and retention. Financial stress is widespread and employees who are affected are less productive, less engaged, and less loyal. Financial and mental stress impacts 50% of Australian workers.

Paytime partners with companies to Empower, Educate, Equip, and Elevate their employees out of financial stress and into financial security, enabling every worker to have:

  •  The ability to deal with emergencies without resorting to payday loans, credit card debt or other types of Pay on Demand providers.
  •  A solid understanding of how to manage their money and nurture financial wellbeing at home.
  •  The tools they need to budget and avoid overdrawn bank fees.
  •  A “set-and-forget” savings programme.
  •  Access to financial and mental health resources.

Paytime want to empower workers to achieve the financial well-being, whilst helping businesses keep their employees happy and engaged in order to be more productive and be a better place to work.

The Paytime solution, which is called “Earned Wage Access” is not a loan; they do not charge any percentage interest rate (whatsoever); nor is it any form of credit, in fact there is nothing to repay – ever! They are simply enabling employees to access their wages/salary that they have already earned at anytime in the month, without having to wait for a set payday.