Volopay announces partnership with global real estate technology giant WeWork

Volopay announces partnership with global real estate technology giant WeWork

Singapore-based Fintech startup Volopay announced a partnership with WeWork to offer an integrated business spend management solution in Singapore and Australia.

The partnership demonstrates Volopay’s continued progress in the fintech space with its sophisticated financial control platform for modern businesses. It enforces the vision to unify, by combining all business payments, approvals, accounting automation, and expense reimbursements together into one single stack and offering this solution to WeWork’s members.

This partnership will offer WeWork’s members, from startups to larger tech enterprises, to streamline their expense and payable management processes that align with their business needs. Further, it will add significant value propositions to its members relating to substantial savings, digitalization, and automation of their financial processes.

As per Rohit Bhageria, Founding Member of Volopay, “We are thrilled to join hands with WeWork. With this partnership, Volopay can extend its reach to WeWork’s members and help them save time and money. Its members can close their books 5x faster and enjoy industry best cashback programs on top of the excellent payable management solution.”

Further, the news comes on the heels of Volopay’s launch of a free reimbursement module that consolidates employee expenses in an exhaustive spend management platform for all startups and enterprises.

Many companies still fail to stay on top of employee out-of-pocket reimbursements and struggle with tracking expenses, settling claims, and processing reports. Volopay’s expense reimbursement feature improves the efficiency of expense claim processing while providing seamless automation with accounting and HR software, thus making the employee reimbursement process a breeze, and it’s completely free.

As the ideal solution for the most common problem faced by employees all over, Volopay’s  employee reimbursements module ensures real-time updates with complete visibility. While employees enjoy a highly organized workflow of expense reporting and instant reimbursement directly to the bank account, company admin teams appreciate a methodical and meticulous approach to managing business expenses.