Volopay is a Fintech startup that aims at making expense reports digital, fast, inclusive, and safe.

It is the first AI-based real-time expense management software – a business management solution to streamline expense workflows while giving real-time visibility and control over business spends.

Volopay are replacing spreadsheets, paper checks, and ‘reports’ with a 10-second expense creation flow, the easiest imaginable approval process, automatic bookkeeping sync, and the fastest reimbursement pay-outs direct to your bank.

You only have to snap the receipts and let the system work its magic. You’ll have ample extra time to focus on the job you love rather than being buried in paperwork.

Volopay’s real-time AI software provides you with seamless options. From setting budgets limits and customizable approval flows to third-party integrations into your accounting software and other productivity tools. Volopay have it all!

Volopay is a payable management company backed by Y combinator and investors from Tinder, that helps companies of all sizes manage their business finances by issuing corporate cards to employees.  Volopay is a secure financial platform for businesses that helps streamline the entire financial cycle, from funding to reconciling. With Volopay the corporates can manage payments and subscriptions, build strategic budgets, and eliminate expense reports. By integrating real-time tracking for every business transaction, Volopay supports organizations with instant insight into their spending and the tools to curb losses before they happen. Volopay can has helped companies like Deputy, Cover Genius, Funding Societies, Bukuwarung, Invideo, Moneysmart, many more to scale up their business by saving time & money, and close financial books faster by providing the following key benefits –

– Corporate cards (physical & virtual) with 2% cashback

– Better control on spending with multi-level approval workflow and real-time tracking

– Huge savings while making international money transfers (capital transfer, paying remote employees, vendor payments)

– Autosync with accounting tools such as Netsuite, Quickbooks, Xero

– Up to $100k credit line facilities


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