Texas Real Estate market active for Real Estate Crowdfunding

Texas Real Estate market active for Real Estate Crowdfunding

RealtyShares, a leading online marketplace for real estate investing, has just released data showing the total amount of crowdfunded real estate investments in Texas. To date $28.1 million has been raised for 31 real estate deals, ranking Texas among the most popular states for investors on the RealtyShares platform along with California and Florida.

Nearly half of all deals funded in Texas to date have been for multifamily properties with a trend favoring equity over debt. Investments have been spread throughout the state, with the most investments centered around the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, followed by Austin and Houston.

“Texas remains a very popular and active investment market for us given its attractive yields and strength of economy,” said Brian Esquivel, Senior Director of Commercial Equity Investments at RealtyShares. “We continue to pursue debt and equity investment opportunities in Texas and are always on the lookout for new relationships with strong operating partners.”

The average investment in Texas since inception is $907,000, with the largest being a $3.25 million Class A multifamily property in Grand Prairie sponsored by Ventures Development Group.

“We are pleased to partner with RealtyShares for the development of The Watson Apartments in Grand Prairie,” said Sean Siebert, Principal at Ventures Development Group. “RealtyShares was very responsive and creative in structuring the investment to suit our needs in completing the capitalization for the project.”

For Ventures Development Group, Texas has several factors that make it an intriguing investment market.

“The State of Texas, especially the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, continues to be a leader in population and job growth opportunities,” said Rob McConnell, Principal at Ventures Development Group. “We believe this results from a diversified economy, coupled with pro-business governmental and regulatory guidelines. UPS and Boeing just announced further expansions in the area, and as a result we believe the resulting real estate opportunities could potentially provide above-average prospects for investment returns.”

RealtyShares is bringing marketplace lending to real estate and building an ecosystem around it.


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