Fintech to launch ‘lite’ money management tool

Fintech to launch ‘lite’ money management tool

Moneysoft — a revamped version of a leading PMF tool — will be launched for financial advisers, mortgage brokers and superannuation funds next quarter.

Moneysoft Lite has been developed to support advisers who are implementing cashflow management systems by providing client engagement tools.

Moneysoft head of operations, Jon Shaw, said that the development of Moneysoft Lite would include new and enhanced functionality available in the flagship cloud-based Moneysoft solution.

Set to include an intuitive interface to guide users, automated account balances, bespoke report delivery and share data control, the PMF will customise how clients can benefit from cashflow-based advice.

“Moneysoft Lite will help advisers capitalise on the mounting interest in saving, budgeting and cash flow management while lifting client engagement and satisfaction,” he said.

Source: Fintech to launch ‘lite’ money management tool | Money Management