Fintech the future

Fintech the future

There are an estimated 600 fintech operators in Australia. The industry is burgeoning and continues to attract new players, so receiving less than double-digit complaints in 16 months isn’t a bad track record.

“In addition to those 600 there’s probably another 20 to 30 overseas-based fintech companies that are operating here such as PayPal, Stripe and Square, for example,” says Cameron Dart, Australian FinTech chief executive and founder.

“When we first started Australian FinTech back in 2015, we estimated there to be around 100 to 150 Australian fintech companies. We were very wrong. There were about 300 fintech companies back in 2015, which grew to around 450 in total during 2016 and now we have just tipped over 600.

“So the growth rate is quite phenomenal and there’s more to come. We know of at least another 20 to 30 that are yet to launch.”

Dart also states that in the past two years 20 fintech companies have ‘disappeared’, though provides no explanation of what has happened to them.

Speeding up

Dart says he has stories of small businesses submitting online loans to fintech providers of up to $10,000 on the Tuesday and the money being in their account by the Friday.

“I don’t know of any banks that could work that quickly,” he says. “Fintech companies speed up the ease of applying for, and obtaining, money, which can be very important at certain times.”

Neil Slonim from says the quick service is a boon to SMEs.

“One of the most attractive features of fintech lending is the absence of the need for property as security,” he says. “Many small businesses owners, particularly younger people starting out with their new business, simply do not have property they can offer as security. Some have property but with limited equity, whilst others are simply not prepared to put a family home at risk.”

Slonim has more than 30 years’ experience in senior leadership positions in business banking, corporate banking and credit within the National Australia Bank group.

“Fintech companies speed up the ease of applying for, and obtaining, money which can be very important at certain times.” Cameron Dart

“Fintech lenders can provide quick access to funds to those small businesses that don’t want to deal with the banks or the banks don’t want to deal with,” he says.

Fintech lenders can be well suited to small businesses which don’t or can’t offer property as security, may not have been in business for a long time or may have a blemished credit history.”


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Source: Fintech the future – The Sydney Morning Herald