Zahara’s cloud-based software is focused on giving organisations complete visibility of expected costs and enables better spend control. The software helps get those month-end figures produced faster with much less effort.

Many organisations don’t have an efficient way to get spending approved – whether before or after a supplier invoice arrives. Zahara is the solution. It’s easy to use and fast to deploy and seamlessly integrates into current systems, creating joined-up solutions around a central platform. The built-in OCR invoice recognition and customisable document management options simplify data entry. Approvals for both spend requests and vendor invoices can be created by engaging the right people to take decisive action.

What sets Zahara apart in this field is the flexible, can-do approach. Zahara will take the time to learn about the current set-up and listen closely to requirements. Zahara is one of the few 4-in-1 Accounts Payable solutions that covers purchase orders, approvals, invoice OCR and payments. With budgets and project spend allocation, there is a lot of product in the box.