In the beginning, Up was a partnership between Bendigo Bank and Ferocia.

Together they all had big ideas about how banking could be better for young Australians. And together they knew they could make it real. Ferocia is a tight team, with a fierce lion mascot and international experience building best-in-class tech for banks. Bendigo has all the banking know-how and a proven way to invest Upsiders’ money ethically. They had worked together for seven years already, and they knew there was love and trust

Up was launched in October 2018 and it’s grown at rocket speed, becoming bigger and better loved than even we thought possible. The Ferocia team is bigger now and they’ve officially joined the Bendigo family. Up now help over 725,000 customers and they’re still laser-focused on building the best digital banking experience on earth. At Up they share lunches and bike rides, will not let anyone win at Mario Kart, and they’re listed as one of Australia’s Best Places to Work.

Up want that family feeling to extend to you.

It’s been getting harder for Australians to get a start on the financial ladder and make progress towards their goals. So Up reimagined things to make money easy; tools to save without stress, know where you’re at, and put your money on cruise control.

Some of Up’s favourite bits include monthly fee-free accounts, dancing Saver pools you can fill up towards your goals, Payment Requests that make splitting bills smooth, and Pay Splitting that helps you automate your budget… even if you’re juggling casual pay, or working a side hustle.

The Upsider community is the heartbeat that pushes them forward every day. You’ve helped to design Up and make it better. You’ve grown the Up family when you hooked up your mates (more than half of all Upsiders were referred by a mate). And some of you have really strong GIF game, which makes the days brighter.

In the short while since Up’s launch, Upsiders have saved more than $205 million via Round-Ups and ‘hard mode’ Boosted Round Ups and deposited more than $19 billion into Up Savers.