The future of finance does not start and end with digital banking, but the seamless integration of these services into any customer journey.

Shaype have built a platform to rapidly embed financial services into any business. Their technology and product teams bring together experience in high-frequency trading from the leading edge of the hedge fund industry and the latest innovations in payments services.

Shaype started with a vision to create a faster, better, and more embedded financial & payment system, one that connects all types of businesses, large and small, finance and non-finance based, digital and physical, and one that integrates and embeds payments and banking options into the heart of your product offering giving your customers a seamless experience.

Shaype delivers this in an extraordinary way – cost effective, SaaS cloud-native offering with flexible modules that are market tested and ready-to-go. By building a pure microservices architecture accessed by a universal API adapter, Shaype ensures flexibility and speed-to-market with an “always-modern” platform that removes technological debt from your legacy systems at your own pace, freeing the resources of your business to focus on what you do best – customer engagement and satisfaction.

It is this freedom that Shaype provides you that makes Shaype a true strategic partner for growth and additional revenue and not just another vendor.

Through Shaype’s universal API adapter and pure microservices architecture, Shaype can sponsor your business into Visa (as a Visa Principal Partner), issue cards, provide full processing and program management as well as providing access to the Australian payment rails (NPP, DE and BPAY). Shaype provides a full Financial Crimes as a Service module, onboarding/KYC modules, digital wallets and tokenisation, data & recs and core banking and BSB accounts.