LENSELL® is a Research-driven Investment Decision Support Platform.

It uses state of the art data analytics and AI technologies, on top of solid financial research, to help active retail investors and investment professionals make better informed decisions with better data-driven insights.



Diversiview (https://diversiview.online)

Diversiview is the #1 Portfolio Analysis and Optimisation tool for active investors who want to create personalised, risk-informed, performant portfolios.

60% of the Australian investors are self-directed. Without professional advice to rely on, they base their investment decisions on their own knowledge, financial literacy and a plethora of online resources recommending different courses of action when it comes to investing.

Many investors are often left to either pick from a range of pre-determined portfolios from fund managers or follow the media trends and invest in what’s cool at the time. They become anxious when markets move downwards (nobody would panic when they go upwards!) – and that’s because they simply do not know how to calculate and understand the risk they take for the return they expect, and how that risk aligns with their own level of investment risk tolerance. They are also at a loss when markets fluctuate and they need to adjust their portfolios accordingly.

Diversiview was built to enable active self-directed investors to plan, review and refine diversified and personalised investment portfolios with ease. It allows investors to calculate important indicators of expected portfolio performance (including portfolio volatility (risk of loss), expected portfolio return, portfolio Alpha, Beta, Sharpe ratio), view the granular diversification at security level and run powerful optimisation algorithms.

First, investors see the calculated expected performance of their portfolios in the current allocation, visually identify other positions for their portfolios that could give a higher expected return and/or a lower portfolio volatility, and calculate the asset allocation that will take them to that optimised position.

Users can also backtest their calculated allocations and forecast the future value of their portfolios considering the portfolio volatility and inflation.

Currently Diversiview handles all ASX securities (stocks, ETFs and managed funds) as well as securities listed on the NASDAQ, NYSE, BSE and NSE stock markets. Diversiview will soon expand to include more listed securities from other stock markets.

Diversiview is not a robo-advisor, and does not provide financial advice.

You can create a free Diversiview account and run your first analysis for free to see how it works.


Polairis (https://polairis.online)

Polairis is an easy-to-use web application that allows Australians to quickly search and visualise over 4000 pollutant facilities in Australia. They can search by address, by suburb or by company.

Users can see where polluting facilities are located, which toxic substances they emit to air or water, or transfer to land, and read more about the human and environmental impacts of 93 toxic substances.

Based on open environmental data including National Pollutants Inventory and NGER data, Polairis is the tool to go if you care about your family’s health, sustainable real estate or investing in low footprint companies.

Polairis will be expanding soon to include pollution and carbon emission data from other countries.

Polairis is free to use for search and users have the option of purchasing a detailed pollution report for the selected search space.


TableBits (https://www.tablebitsonline.com/)

TableBits is the efficient solution for extracting table data (e.g. financial statements) from PDF to CSV format in seconds.

Australian annual company reports often span hundreds of pages in PDF format. On average, professionals spend 3-4 hours per company extracting the necessary data and inputting it into their analytical models or applications. This arduous process not only consumes valuable time but also delays critical decision-making in the financial analysis.

Unlike traditional OCR tools, TableBits does not require any training or manual table selection. Simply upload your PDF documents, and TableBits efficiently extracts tabular data directly into CSV format. This means no more tedious manual extraction or time wasted on selecting tables manually.

With TableBits handling the data extraction process, you can redirect your focus to more important tasks such as data analysis, financial modeling, and investment research.

By eliminating the hassle of manual data extraction, TableBits empowers professionals to make informed decisions swiftly and efficiently, ultimately driving better outcomes in the financial landscape.