Friends across the world, here is a convenient way for you to split group costs, manage budgets for the crew, and keep track of expenses when organising group holidays, sharing house bills or that next birthday dinner.

KttiPay saves friends and families time and reduces hassle when it comes to who owes who what.

Collect Funds Upfront: Get the hard bit over and done with first. Spend the money that you have opposed to getting bill shock post event.

Spend Money Transparently: Say sayonara to the spreadsheet. See exactly who paid what and when, to avoid the boring conversations.

Never Chase Again: Spend less time chasing friends for money and more time creating shared experiences together.

Keeping it simple,

1. Create a group

Use the KttiPay App to start or join a virtual group (aka Kitty) to create pooled funds. Whether it’s a longer-term (holidays, housemates) or a shorter-term (one-off dinners, bucks/hens nights), sharing expenses is (finally!) simple.

2. Pre-load money

You and your family friends deposit money into the chosen group – before you start spending. Your group spending transactions are now all in one easy-to-use app.

3. Spend

Your instant KttiPay debit card allows you to spend funds seamlessly from your virtual Kitty account. Spend on-line or in-store wherever Visa cards are accepted. Make instant transfers to other bank accounts in Australia. Download the card to ApplePay or Google Pay and start spending. Never chase people for money again.

You can easily connect and invite friends, the inbuilt chat allows you to manage your events, and you can even select unique card designs to personalise the look and feel.