Power to the people.

When Joust merged with LoanDolphin in 2020, it established Joust as Australia’s leading online home loan auction platform.

By combining forces, Joust was positioned to offer a truly unique service – Joust Marketplace. This connects home loan customers directly with lenders and brokers who bid for the customer with their best home loan rate. Our revolutionary reverse auction model saves borrowers time and money, and enables any lender to access customers fairly and on the same terms.

Since 2015, the companies have processed $3.3 billion worth of loan opportunities and reduced the average customer’s interest rate by 0.74%. This equates to an average saving of $3,348 per year for each refinance customer, or $279 per month.

Sure the numbers are impressive, but we’re only just getting started.

A star, or two, is born.

Before Joust, if you were in the market for a home loan or wanted to refinance, it was up to you to do the research then negotiate with banks or a mortgage broker, in the hope of navigating your way to their ‘best’ rate.

But in 2015, Mark Bevan (CBA, Westpac) and Richard Hockney (NAB, Westpac), both highly experienced bankers, formed Joust because they believed in a better way. They saw an opportunity to create an auction model that optimised competitive tension to get low rates for home loan customers on one hand, while presenting qualified mortgage customers to the banks on the other. It just made good financial sense.

In the same year, another FinTech company – LoanDolphin – began with Rod Dutra (St George, Westpac) and Ranin Mendis (Westpac, BT) creating a similar product offering to Joust, where customers input their details and received bids from lenders and brokers. After meeting at a Sydney FinTech hub, the founders from both companies recognised the value of a merger to drive scale and value for Australian home loan customers.

Joust is now led by CEO Carl Hammerschmidt who has 20 years’ experience leading digital transformation, growth and strategy for media businesses such as SBS, Nine and Bauer, as well as State Government. His vision and expertise enables Joust’s combination of technology, data, and people to deliver exciting new opportunities and innovations to the Australian home loan market.

Better rates in an instant.

In our mission to revolutionise the market and help provide every home loan customer with a better rate, we’ve launched ‘Joust Instant Match’. This gives our customers instant access to the most competitive loan options instantly. By deleting delays, we’re able to provide immediate results thanks to our customer experience platform and key data matching.

Game on.

Ready for a better home loan experience? Join thousands of satisfied Jousters, who have discovered an easier, faster, financially intelligent way to achieve their home loan goals.

Whether you’re looking for a better loan, or lend, Joust is a win-win.