Foreign Exchange Central is an experienced, dynamic and business focused remittance organisation. With a wealth of experience from both in currency strategy and remittance, FEC has a determined focus on providing premium remittance services to individuals and leading organisations in Australia.

Foreign Exchange Central works very closely with customers to ensure that they get the best exchange rates with relative ease. The FEC team is focused on maintaining long standing relationships with their clients, by delivering remittances on demand that are available 24/7 and the best currency rates.

Here are some of the reasons why customers use FEC:

Quick Transfer

They bank with some of the largest financial organizations and exchange houses in the world. This ensures that they can deliver funds within hours and in some cases within minutes for no extra charge.

Competitive Rates

Foreign currency exchange is often left till the last minute. They offer very competitive rates that moves along with the inter banks rates. With their exchange rates, they can save customers thousands of dollars.

Low or Zero commission

Banks and other exchange houses often charge a significant commission for every transfer. For small remittance amounts, this can often eat into the transferred amount. Foreign Exchange Central believe this is unfair. They have set a low threshold amount so that you are eligible for a free transfer. Also, their low commission ensures that you receive the best possible amount.


Customers are conditioned to believe that remittance is difficult. For years we have been told we need to go to banks for remittance. Their online portal ensures that you can transfer your funds from the comfort of your home. FEC allows you to send remittances quickly and securely from Australia to banks in other countries.