Finmo is all in one fintech platform focused on interconnecting financial networks around the world into a single solution. Their mission is to simplify payments and empower businesses and consumers to transact with only the most relevant methods that optimise for speed, convenience and cost. With Finmo’s smarter payment platform, their customers always have a superior experience when using Finmo’s solutions.

Finmo’s story
Finmo is a payment platform built with merchants and consumers in mind tailored to the specific needs of our customers while providing the most intuitive and streamlined payment options for their consumers. They’ve captured years and years of digital payments, fintech and compliance experience into a single platform designed to take the complexities out of payments so that merchants can focus on servicing their customers.

While at previous organizations, the Finmo team witnessed that it wasn’t just about which platforms had the most number of countries, payment methods, or APIs, but businesses needed payments expertise in a platform to ensure that their payment solutions fit their business best. From payments with a good funds model, to recurring and subscriptions payments, or being able to send money to a PayID vs a bank account number, Finmo’s solutions are built with only the best user experiences in the market while fitting the needs or characteristics of the merchant.