Evari is an insurance technology company dedicated to servicing the insurance needs of your business in ways unlike you’ve seen before.

They have reimagined the entire insurance process, and are passionate about making it as simple and transparent as possible – no smoke and mirrors.

Whether you are on the move, or at a computer; applying through their website takes just a couple of minutes and offers you the flexibility to tailor your insurance to suit your needs.

Even better, they make it easy for you to manage your insurance online too. Evari’s dashboard makes it easy for you to update your insurance at any time in order to ensure it continues to meet your unique needs.

Evari know that getting the right insurance for your business is a complicated process, but they strive to simplify that by asking you a small number of questions and then pre-completing as many of them as possible for you using information sourced from your cloud accounting provider so that you can simply confirm your information.

This extends to making changes to your insurance. Evari is fully online, so when you want to make a change to your insurance you can just go ahead and do it, no need to wait until you are free during business hours to get on the phone and call someone (although if you want to do that, they are there to help).

If your business is seasonal or growing, Evari enables you to vary your insurance up or down as you want it. To assist, by periodically checking in with your cloud accounting, they will pick up changes in your key business metrics (e.g. stock values) and send you an email inviting you to review your insurance – in a matter of minutes you can log on, alter your cover and avoid being underinsured if something does go wrong.

Evari are extremely passionate about ensuring that you have access to the best possible levels of cover to protect your business when things don’t go according to plan.