Cover Genius is a global distributor of insurance products for online businesses. It is one of the fastest growing fintech startups to have emerged from Australia.

Cover Genius’ first brand to launch was which sells insurance for car rentals from its own site and also through the largest online travel agents globally. follows Cover Genius’ model where the brand is both the distributor of insurance policies to leading websites, and the retailer selling direct to consumers on As a full stack startup they control all facets of both their partner relationships and the customer journey.

As a technology company first and foremost, Cover Genius has developed patents that resolve longstanding points of friction that the insurance industry generates, while also applying a Big Data approach that optimises the purchase process for consumers and partners alike.

Their Mission and Vision

Their vision is to be the distributor of insurance to the World’s top internet companies.

Their mission is to provide a solution for global ecommerce companies that uses technology, data science and customer-centric service to integrate and optimise the insurance value chain.

How are they disruptive?

The disruptive element of Cover Genius derives from their technology-first approach to insurance. Their patent-pending technology resolves longstanding points of friction within the insurance industry that impede global internet businesses who want to sell insurance to their customers.

While their Big Data approach to pricing and product optimises the process for their partners and their customers we also uniquely provide an end-to-end capability which controls all parts of the insurance value chain to assist data collection and customer satisfaction. This “full stack startup” approach includes claims handling, pricing, reporting, Business Intelligence & Analytics, customer communication, sales and support, payment and even the frontend display.

What is the problem they are solving?

The insurance industry creates many blockages that impede growth & innovation. These include regulation within a global context, compliance, actuarial-based pricing based on limited data sets, policy drafting, approaches to risk & more.

For hundreds of years insurers have outsourced the knowledge that underpins their industry to intermediaries. For their part brokers, while versatile for partners and vital for insurers, are an expensive habit that internet companies are not inclined towards. Their full stack approach incorporates the broker’s contribution and customer-centricity to integrate a new value chain and by applying patent-pending pricing technology we can therefore distribute the significant surplus margins to those parties most deserving (their partners).