Sydney-based on-demand-pay provider CashD (pronounced Cash’d) is a B2B solution allowing companies to offer on-demand-pay to their employees, contractors and temporary staff. They integrate with major accounting systems including KeyPay, Deputy and Xero in a simple three step integration process:

1. Company pre-enrols and registers through the app.

2. Logs into their accounting system and sets funding parameters in the CashD web portal.

3. Finally, they invite their employees to download the app and are ready to go.

Employers using KeyPay or Xero can find out more at

What CashD offers for Employers.

  • Web Admin and Payroll Integration
  • Financial flexibility for employers
  • Free up your cash flow
  • Reduce worker financial stress
  • Increase worker retention
  • No complex software integrations
  • Revenue stream potential
  • Current integrations include – KeyPay, Xero, Astute, Deputy, HR3, MYOB

The company has full control over user management, cost of the program, pay available to the workers and all without an impact on their cashflow or current systems.