Adatree helps companies harness the power of Consumer Data Right (CDR, also referred to as Open Banking) by leveraging consumer data, giving customers better and more targeted products and services and enabling business to create greater differentiation and create cost efficiencies with the automation of internal systems and processes.

Adatree takes care of the technology for compliance to strict CDR regulation, while businesses can focus on the development of products and services so they can grow, retain and delight customers. By removing this large barrier to entry more businesses can share in the data ecosystem and provider better solutions for Australians.

Adatree’s Open Banking platform solves all technical needs for both Data Holders and Data Recipients. The Adatree technology is secure, adaptive and compliant by design while agnostic to internal systems, core banking platforms, and environments.

Adatree Solutions:

  • Data Recipient Platform: everything technical needed for companies accredited by the ACCC, aligned to current and future standards
  • Industry Sandbox: the Data Recipient platform in a simulated CDR environment for companies not yet accredited, for proof of concepts & experiments
  • Data Holder Platform: everything technical needed for companies needing to share CDR data

Benefits of Adatree solutions:

  • 99% faster than doing yourself – deploy & configure in days with one API
  • At least 90% cheaper than doing yourself
  • 100% aligned to the CDR standards, rules and guidelines
  • Everything you need technically – including consent API, integrations, dashboards and security

Adatree is founded by Australians experienced in building systems, integrations and products with world-class security in regulated industries. Security is at their core, and they’re passionate about the opportunity that Open Banking and the Consumer Data Right can bring to consumers and the wider economy.

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