MoneyBrilliant looks for ways to support your financial wellbeing, with brilliant foundations, because they think financial wellbeing is key to your overall wellbeing. They want to give you what you need to clearly see where your money is going and get to know your true financial position, so you can make smarter financial decisions.

The business was started by Peter Lord to help women like his mum, who missed out on opportunities to get further ahead financially. MoneyBrilliant is an innovative service for all Australians but they make sure they design an experience that really works for women so they can play a role in helping them feel confident about money. Turns out, men love it too.

MoneyBrilliant want you to feel the joy of being so organised with money that the next bill doesn’t faze you and the holiday you deserve doesn’t get away from you. MoneyBrilliant hope that in supporting you today, they’ll also be helping you live your best life tomorrow.