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Australian cryptocurrency exchange CoinJar secures UK’s FCA Approval

Cryptocurrency exchange CoinJar has become officially registered by the UK’s FCA as a Cryptoasset Exchange Provider and Custodian Wallet Provider.



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CoinJar to put brakes on Bitcoin volatility | The Courier-Mail

Australian Bitcoin start-up CoinJar has taken on one of Bitcoin’s chief criticisms, allowing consumers and businesses to bypass the cryptocurrency’s volatility and peg its price against a currency of their choice.Hedged Accounts was unveiled on stage at Europe’s biggest financial technlogy conference Finovate, and means that for example if a user holds $400 worth of Bitcoin in Australian dollars, they can access $400 worth of Bitcoins in future.Bitcoin itself has seen wild volatility in recent months, crashing from a value of over $1000 per Bitcoin to under $300 this month. Source: CoinJar to put brakes on Bitcoin volatility | The Courier-Mail


Coinjar to reveal Bitcoin volatility salve

Australian bitcoin exchange Coinjar will unveil plans to fix the value of the highly volatile cryptocurrency for its clients and offer conversion to a range of different currencies at a financial technology conference in London on Tuesday as it moves to compete with remittance providers. From late Tuesday, Coinjar joins a number of other bitcoin exchanges in offering “hedging accounts” that peg the value of the bitcoins purchased to the currency originally chosen when a conversion is first made. Source: Coinjar to reveal Bitcoin volatility salve


Assembly Payments surpasses $11 billion in global transactions

Global payments technology company Assembly Payments has reached a new total of A$11 billion in global transactions. 


Australia’s Top 25 fintech influencers revealed has released its list of Australia’s Top 25 Fintech Influencers. The people on it work in a variety of areas within the fintech sector, including lending, venture capital, the blockchain, bitcoin, coworking spaces and hubs, the media and fintech industry bodies. Australia has a strong history with fintech, having been recognised for embracing fintech startups and engaging in international agreements that drive innovation forward. However, without the individual voices within the fintech industry, change wouldn’t happen and innovation would be much more stagnant. For this list, factors we considered included: Editorial judgement Social following Industry involvement and visibility Notable successes Each of the top 25 influencers is visually represented […]


Fintech Down Under

Cameron Dart is the CEO of International FinTech, a hub that connects Australian fintech companies to the rest of the world and vice versa. The company recently opened a London “launch pad” office that helps Australian startups expand globally and links startups in other countries to the Australian market. To help shed light on the state of Australian fintech, Benzinga caught up with Cameron Dart for a Q&A about innovation and how fintech solves problems for Australian users. Q&A With Cameron Dart What’s the general “lay of the land” of Australian fintech? The Australian fintech industry as a whole is in its infancy compared to the United States and the […]


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