6 enterprise technologies that may affect your business this year

6 enterprise technologies that may affect your business this year

We’re just over halfway through 2016, and it’s already proven to be a turbulent year in the realm of technology. We’re seeing more and more intersection between technology and other economic and industrial forces. Whether it’s Apple’s refusal to unlock the iPhone for the FBI or the upcoming presidential election adding uncertainty to the future of Biotech stocks, technology is practically inextricable from the other major factors that keep our world going.

These turbulent shifts in tech are catching the attention of huge enterprises, as new products have led to innovative practices in consumer tech, manufacturing, and even politics. There’s still half of 2016 left to go, and these next six months promise to show even more expansion and innovation in enterprise technology.

With that in mind, here are six enterprise technologies to keep your eye on in 2016.

1. Blockchain

Bitcoin, the digital currency mined through number crunching, and the blockchain, the decentralised public ledger that enables Bitcoin, have seen a huge rise the past few months from a relatively fringe technology to a very serious policy consideration for governments around the world. The Microsoft store began accepting Bitcoin as legitimate currency in late 2015, and the price of Bitcoin has periodically risen soared. Now, governmental agencies, including notable bodies like the EU, are beginning to weigh the options of legitimizing Bitcoin and utilizing the blockchain. While Bitcoin runs counter to many current systems, a number of traditional financial institutions—such as JPMorgan, Citigroup, the Bank of Canada, and the IMF—are examining the potential of blockchain.


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