Revolut launches Premium and Metal plans in New Zealand unlocking affordable access to exclusive benefits

Revolut launches Premium and Metal plans in New Zealand unlocking affordable access to exclusive benefits

Revolut, the global financial app with more than 35 million customers worldwide, have announced the launch of its paid ‘Premium’ and ‘Metal’ plans in New Zealand. In addition to the standard plan which launched in New Zealand in July 2023, Kiwi customers will now be able to access the added benefits of the new tiered offerings including airport lounge access, increased limits on no fee exchange in fiat currencies and added cashback (Metal only).

About the Premium Plan

Kiwi customers who select the Premium Plan will unlock exclusive features and added value including up to $20,000 per month of no-fee weekday currency exchange* and increased withdrawal limits.

Revolut’s Premium Plan costs customers $9.99 NZD per month and gives users double the standard ATM withdrawal allowance, so they can withdraw up to $700 NZD per month in any of their compatible currencies with no withdrawal fees charged by Revolut, and comes with a Premium card with exclusive designs.

About the Metal Plan

Revolut customers who choose the Metal Plan will benefit from a number of bonus features including added cashback value and travel perks.

Revolut’s Metal Plan costs customers $19.99 NZD per month and offers customers the ability to purchase lounge passes on demand (which usually requires an annual membership costing over $99 USD), as well as free lounge access for them and three friends if their flight is delayed more than one hour, unlimited no-fee weekday foreign exchange and four times higher withdrawal limits compared to the standard plan allowing them to take out up to $1400 NZD cash per month.

Revolut Metal customers will receive up to 0.5% cashback on eligible card transactions made outside of New Zealand, as well as 0.5% on those made within New Zealand, in any of Revolut’s supported fiat currencies.

The new metal card offers a luxurious feel at three times the weight of a normal card, and is fully contactless. Revolut Metal is crafted from a single sheet of reinforced steel using a diamond drill bit.

Paint particles have then been layered to the card using a physical vapour deposition, with customers’ details etched onto the card using a high precision laser.

Both the Premium and Metal plans give customers access to express card delivery, priority customer support which is available 24/7, and free card personalisation.

Georgia Grange, Head of Revolut New Zealand, said, “We’re thrilled to be launching our Premium and Metal plans in New Zealand to enable Kiwis to further tailor and enhance their financial experience.

“Whether they’re looking for increased cashback, higher withdrawal limits, or luxurious travel perks, Revolut’s tiered plans unlock access at unparalleled value. We are excited to bring these new offerings to our Kiwi customers and continue our mission of providing innovative financial solutions that empower everyday individuals to take control of their money.”

Both of Revolut’s new paid plans in New Zealand are now available within the Revolut app.

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