Mambu & Perx Technologies partner to supercharge dynamic mobile-first engagements for clients globally

Mambu & Perx Technologies partner to supercharge dynamic mobile-first engagements for clients globally

Perx Technologies and market leading SaaS banking and financial services platform, Mambu, announced a strategic partnership today. The partnership aims to solve the challenges of last-mile customer engagement for Mambu’s clients by driving revenue-generating customer actions through dynamic, incentivised in-app experiences.

“At present most MarTech platforms are designed to drive eyeballs, clicks, and open rates. The outcomes are ‘spray and pray’, transient customer engagements that abruptly end at an SMS, email or social media post, leading the customers to a static landing page. Critical to any engagement strategy is the customers’ last-mile journey,” explains Anna Gong, CEO and Founder of Perx Technologies. “The Perx Lifestyle Marketing Platform extends this last-mile beyond usual stopovers through interactive, gamified, and incentive-led engagements that nudge customers to complete the actions and transactions that were actually intended by the marketer and the brand.”

Financial services and banking platform unicorn Mambu empowers banks, fintechs, and lenders to develop their own digital banking solutions. Through its cloud-native, API-first approach, Mambu enables financial institutions to reimagine core banking with the help of a composable banking architecture and currently manages more than 41 million end-users and 60 million API calls per day.

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital banking and mobile-first engagements. To stay true to their digital-first strategy, banks are being forced to explore creative, mobile-first engagement models that increase customer-brand touchpoints at scale each month. Mambu offers speed and flexibility to financial institutions that no longer want to remain hamstrung by legacy end-to-end technology stacks. Perx Platform’s highly scalable API based architecture is aligned with the same vision.

The Perx Lifestyle Marketing Platform enables banks to innovate beyond their core business models and create a monetisable lifestyle ecosystem focused on their closed-loop network of consumers, partners, and merchants. This approach not only allows banks to better address and solve consumer needs and wants but also builds a moat around their customers by drastically increasing customer-brand touchpoints. With exciting gamification mechanics, hyper-personalised and instantly gratifying incentives, the platform has proven to be an effective enabler of the digital lifestyle ecosystems for banks, fintechs, and digital natives.

“Dynamic customer engagement is a key driver for digital banks to monetise customer actions. Without a digital and composable banking architecture, engaging customers and building out a lifestyle ecosystem on a legacy monolithic on-prem solution would be much more challenging to execute. Perx complements and supplements Mambu well in our strategy to disrupt banking with new value addition. Not only do we share similar values, but our shared mindset on the need to disrupt the traditional banking space is clear with Perx’s API-led SaaS model delivering agile and configurable solutions designed for the rapidly changing digital economy,” said Myles Bertrand, Managing Director, APAC, Mambu. “As partners we are very closely aligned in terms of execution, industry, and expansion focus.”

Reflecting on the strong synergies across technology, target market, and core principles, Ms Gong adds, “While Mambu is redefining core banking and making it composable and easily configurable, it is imperative to have a partner like Perx to enable digital banks and fintechs to drive last mile customer engagements, improve relationships and monetisation models on their customer behavior. We see the Perx/Mambu partnership as a strategic move to create joint value for our customers and target markets.”