Global Payments Omnichannel launches with real-time functionality

Global Payments Omnichannel launches with real-time functionality

Global Payments, a leading worldwide provider of payment technology and software solutions, today launched an Australian-first omnichannel solution that provides a single customer experience combining eCommerce, in-person EFTPOS and real-time PayTo capability.

Global Payments Omnichannel utilises new market-leading Single Application Programming Interface (API) technology that generates a complete set of data providing a unified view into consumers’ buying habits.

This functionality enables businesses to gain deeper customer insights at scale, resulting in more relevant and personalised consumer experiences, while delivering a seamless buying experience across every channel and device.

CEO Payments Oceania (Eway and Ezidebit) at Global Payments, Masseh Haidary (pictured), said the technical challenge to deliver an omnichannel experience inclusive of real-time PayTo capability required innovation and future-planning.

“Global Payments Omnichannel utilises innovative real-time technology as a differentiator and enables businesses to offer their customers best-in-class payment channel options,” Masseh said.

“With future capability expansions already underway, including multi-market payments capability for global connectivity, our Single API platform is designed to adapt and grow with market needs.

“We combined local expertise accumulated across more than two decades via the Ezidebit and Eway platforms with the technological leadership of Global Payments to deliver a unified platform with significant capability.”

Head of Partner Acquisition Oceania at Global Payments, Chevy Devudu, said omnichannel capability provides vendors and merchants with added agility to accelerate their business growth.

“Partners require embedded payment flexibility as merchants need to offer a variety of ways for customers to pay for and complete transactions,” Chevy said.

“Omnichannel functionality bridges the gap between the online and offline experience and our Single API technology places merchants in a better position to meet changing market demands, such as increased real-time PayTo payments adoption.”

Head of Product and Marketing Oceania at Global Payments, Helen Flaherty, said omnichannel payments will meet growing consumer preferences for individualised offerings and experiences.

“Consumers increasingly expect shopping experiences tailored to their specific needs,” Helen said.

“Whether they switch between in-store, online, mobile or other channels along the way, Global Payments Omnichannel maintains a unified customer touch point.

“This gives businesses a single, integrated view of the customer across their commerce channels to create experiences their customers love, which in return helps build brand loyalty.”