YOZO’s core purpose is “redefining lending for small business” with an overarching premise on assisting Australian Small business to succeed through innovation, technology and education.

YOZO is dedicated to offering their customers the most transparent and seamless lending experience from start to finish. Their aim is to help you navigate the unknown to provide you with the right financial solution for your business.

Their experience is designed to deliver:


  • How much can my business borrow?
  • What will the cost be?
  • When can I access funds?


  • Streamline user process.
  • Self-service or customer assisted.
  • Digital statements, checks and acceptances.


  • Eligible credit limits within 30 seconds!
  • Approved payments within 24-48 hours!

YOZO is led by a team of individuals who have been in the trenches of running small business. YOZO knows the difficulties, effort and uncertainty of gaining finance from the banks and how this impacts on your business and you.

Their team is different, they are innovators and wall-breakers. You can expect YOZO to consistently deliver new ways to make the lending process easier and more tools to guide you in making the right business decision.

YOZO knows to deliver their promise they need to partner with the best. In collaboration with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) they’ve combined YOZO’s know-how with world leading technology and intelligence to create their lending engine calculator and also to streamline the credit decision and approval process.

YOZO also partners and integrates with leading companies like Prospa and Shinewing to ensure our processing remains smooth, efficient and simple and their products and educational knowledge are continually the best in the market.