Retail Banking is a highly competitive industry where new market entrants, ever increasing compliance and slim margins means it’s extremely hard to stand out from your competitors. The leading Customer Owned Banks in Australia and the US have realised an advantage, using the Prosper CRM system to delivery world leading levels of customer service and satisfaction.

The Prosper CRM software was first released in 1988 and was enthusiastically embraced by the Customer Owned Banking industry:

  • It was originally designed to help the Police & Nurses Credit Union field representatives manage all their contacts and schedule workplace visits.
  • It quickly gained popularity, and rapidly expanded as financial institutions created call centres to quickly service enquiries
  • Growing further when Enterprise Customer Relationship Management was needed to deliver a single view of the client relationship across the organisation and consistently deliver efficient service
  • Now incorporating digital marketing channels to further enhance the customer experience
  • Most recently providing workflow and process management to build efficiency and meet compliance requirements

The system has been implemented in hundreds of Banks and Credit Unions across Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, and the Caribbean. Each time they seek to benefit from:

  1. Real-time integration to over 20 Core Banking Systems
  2. Consistently personalising customer experiences with a single view of the Customer
  3. Driving their sales pipeline
  4. Being compliant and competitive with baked in Open Banking Capabilities
  5. Knowing your customer
  6. Streamlining ad hoc case requests &workflows
  7. Exchanging information in real-time using Prosper API integration
  8. Digital marketing enquiry to follow-up in seconds
  9. Enhancing the customer experience

Timestar recently purchased the intellectual property in the Prosper CRM software. The #1 CRM for Value and ROI in the Australian and US Customer Owned Banking Sector for over 25 years.

The management team immediately set about investing in Prosper to ensure it remains the #1 CRM for Customer Owned Banks for the next 25 years. This meant a full rewrite of the system to ensure its customers would enjoy the latest technology, capabilities, and security. Followed by investment in people to partner with their customers. This is now being rolled out to clients across the globe through technology partners like Finastra, one of the largest fintech companies in the world.