Aussie accounting, business management and ecosystem to support small and sole traders. Sole is a bespoke software solution taking a refreshed approach to a traditional market that lack an allegiance to legacy systems.

The product’s competitive advantage lies in its innovative operating model, establishing us as a price leader while capitalising on Australia’s micro/sole trader niche. The company has demonstrated precise product/market need in Australia. Sole continues to grow financially over time, with a year-on-year revenue growth of 75%.

The stable platform, coupled with unique functionality and an adaptable platform that can rapidly integrate with complementary solutions (e.g. GoCardless, Stripe, PayPal, AI, Data & Reporting BI platforms,etc. ) providing a tailored, fit-for-purpose fintech solution, offered at a market leading price, with backend educational support, a full learning management system and a growing list of industry partners. Sole aims to address why 44% of small businesses fail early, and is designed with small businesses in mind.