Novigi is a technology advisory and data services firm. The word ‘Novigi’ means ‘innovation’ in Esperanto, a universal language developed in the latter part of the 19th century, as a way of improving the flow of data between — and the interoperability of — humans.

Novigi allows themselves to be led by business problems and processes, not technology. This allows them to take an evidence-based, research-driven approach to providing intelligent technology solutions that are tailored to their clients’ unique needs. They help organisations transform, not because they want to create better technology, but because of their desire to provide a better and more efficient service to their customers.

Novigi’s talented team of individuals, who come from diverse backgrounds with wide-ranging skills and experience, are motivated to work together to deliver the best possible outcomes for their clients. They pride themselves on being problem solvers, possessing both the technical expertise and the industry experience to understand their clients’ business problems and drive innovation within the superannuation industry.

Their Australian offices are located in Sydney, Wollongong and Melbourne.

Novigi provides innovative and tailored data, technical and advisory services. They design and implement leading-edge integration, automation and data solutions that transform business functions and deliver efficiency, insight and innovative outcomes for clients – with the overarching goal of driving digital transformation to solve the business problems of organisations in the superannuation industry. Utilising their deep understanding of the superannuation industry, and recognising the industry’s desire to deliver improved retirement outcomes for their members, Novigi have developed three customisable, cloud-based solutions. These are:

  • Optimiser – A cloud-based integration and automation platform that connects your systems and applications, delivers improved business processes and automates operations.
  • Illuminate – This business intelligence and data analytics solution will transform your data and display it using simple to understand graphics and visuals, enabling data-driven decisions that generate insights and deliver business value.
  • Br(ai)n – Br(ai)n is Novigi’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solution. She helps organisations to detect patterns in data and interpret their meaning, allowing her to make predictions, drive automation, uncover trends, power innovation and even understand human language.