m2Wealth is an Investment Data specialist company servicing the Global Wealth Management Industry. This includes, Platform providers, Family offices, Advisors, Planners, Brokers, Asset Managers etc and in Europe IAM’s, EAM’s and Custodian-Banks.


m2Hub – provides Automated Investment Data ‘cleansing’ utilising unique AI (they have no known direct competitor)

m2Hub rectifies inconsistent, incomplete and error prone data. For example, m2Hub unravels complex corporate actions, correctly identifies income, handles in and out transfers and cancellations, does rebookings and intra-day adjustments, adjusts and calculates withholding tax and generates as / when required balancing transactions. m2Hub utilises unique AI processes to automatically reconcile, verify and enrich Investment data to ensure that clean and fit for purpose Investment data is delivered 9am every morning irrespective of the number of Custodian-Banks utilised. This ensures a Single Source of Truth (SSoT) for accurate timely reporting with the potential for a huge reduction in back office costs.

There is NO BIG BANG, NO BUSINESS DISRUPTION – m2Wealth can sit ‘alongside’ existing systems and be implemented on an incremental basis.

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m2Data – provides Automated Investment Data Aggregation

m2Data automatically aggregates, consolidates and normalises disparate Investment Data input formats (from any Custodian-Bank) into one single concise output format – Custodian-Bank is used as a generic term for Platforms, Clearers, Fund Managers, Banks and actual Custodian-Banks eg Credit Suisse. In Australia, examples of supported formats include those from Praemium, PowerWrap, Finclear, Interactive Brokers, Credit Suisse, ANZ, NABconnect / Direct Link, Macquarie, Ausmac and many more.  In Europe, where m2Wealth is one of the largest Independent aggregators, supported formats include those from UBS, Vontobel, Credit Suisse, Incore, Julius Baer, LGT, Nomura, Pictet, Rothschild, SwissQuote, VP Bank, LLB and Lombard Odier. Supported formats in the US include those from Fidelity, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, UBS US and Pershing.

m2Wealth currently supports over 80 Custodian-Banks globally and this number is growing quickly.

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PMS (Portfolio Management)

CRM Customer Relationship Management)


Inquiry, Reporting, API

m2Advisor                   Advisor / Manager / Administration – inquiry, reporting, CRM, Compliance – browser based

m2Web/Mobile           End User access

m2Platform                 Advanced services for Platform Providers / Managers

m2API                          ‘Open Banking’ access to m2Hub (SSoT)

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