Look Who’s Charging is a data API which provides rich information on Australian merchants based on the 40-character Transaction Description which appears on bank statements.

Often card holders don’t recognise transactions because the information provided to them is limited e.g. a transaction made in a camping store called “Wild Earth” located in Burleigh Heads Queensland, appears on the customer’s statement as “BURLEIGH WATERS MIAMI QLD”. As time goes by the card holder’s ability to reconcile these transactions with a given purchase they made diminishes.

This confusion results in millions of wasted hours by card holders each year, millions of phone calls and bank branch visits and millions of unnecessary chargebacks. It also inhibits a bank’s ability to recognise a fraudulent transaction and to understand how and where their customers are spending money. This data is used by banks to improve fraud prevention algorithms, understand customer spending and is used by businesses to control card spending with corporate cards