Incorporated in 2010, Harbour & Hills Financial Services Limited (H&H) offers Structured FX Payment Solutions for commercial cross-border transactions. Regulated by the Customs & Excise Department of HK, H&H partners with some of the reputed banks and financial institutions around the globe to provide a convenient way to manage payment flows for corporates and financial institutions. Supported by extensive correspondent banking relationships, the company serves more than 2000 customers – including some of the large traders and financial institutions across the globe. With H&H Multi-Currency Accounts, clients can transact and maintain cash in virtually any currency. The company clears payments for its clients to 146+ countries in 190 currencies and also offers them an ability to collect payments in 11 currencies. With memberships of SEPA and SWIFT, H&H’s services touch some of the key trading centers globally, including the UAE, Australia, China, Singapore, Europe and Hong Kong. H&H processed USD12.3 billion in cross-border payments in 2019.

Recently, H&H has acquired a controlling stake in Global Envoi Limited, a payments processor with strong capabilities in clearing business payments to China, enabling global businesses to make hassle-free payments to China in USD, EUR and other major currencies, while avoiding the traditional challenges encountered in such payments.