Financial Simplicity is trusted by wealth managers across the world to power more than $30b of portfolios.

Financial Simplicity are the leading global specialist in empowering wealth businesses around the world to deliver tailored, client centric investment portfolio services with scale.

For over 20 years they have had a sole focus on innovating using mathematics and algorithms to deliver a digital platform to empower their clients to leverage their unique perspectives to service their investor clients with personalised investment portfolio reviews at scale. It’s all they do.

But, it’s just not about technology and mathematics. The Financial Simplicity digital platform combines world class perspective, understanding and expertise in investment asset allocation methodologies and how they interplay with the realities of each investor’s uniqueness. With deep specialist business, human and industry acumen they empower their clients to improve their businesses in a very ‘human’ way. Why ‘human’? The Financial Simplicity business has been built on the reality that every client is unique: with individual preferences, emotions and biases and not just an account number and balance.

In order for wealth managers to delivery truly customer centric services at scale, there is now a realisation that technology solutions, like Financial Simplicity, must be built with the concepts of human clients at their core, yet surrounded with the mathematics and algorithms to bring industrial scale, efficiency and compliance.