Freelancing. No longer just for creatives.

Estiie is a freelance and crowdsourcing marketplace, exclusively for Building and Construction professionals. They provide a solution for people and businesses to connect their projects to Architects, Interior Designers, Quantity Surveyors/ Estimators, Engineers, Project Managers, Building Permits, Office Administration and many more.

Identifying a gap in the market, their passionate team in Melbourne, Australia, are working to disrupt the traditional way the construction industry approaches connecting people to work.

Here’s how:

• Estiie offers a simple platform which streamlines how people and businesses find and hire freelancers for their projects.

• Estiie provide an easy solution to adapt and scale resourcing according to fluctuating markets.

• Estiie allow greater access to building and construction professionals and a wider pool of talent.

So what drives them? The knowledge that freelancing will give their Building and Construction peers greater flexibility, freedom and exposure. Beyond that, Estiie strive to benefit our economic recovery, an economy supported by construction growth and reliant on workers completing forward projects.

Estiie was originally founded on the simple idea of making extra money through freelancing… the idea behind Estiie has grown to so much more.