DomaCom operates an online property crowdfunding platform based on an ASIC registered managed investment scheme (MIS) legal structure. We enable investors to initiate or join an existing bookbuild to contribute towards purchasing a specific property of their choice.

With a minimum investment of $2,000 per property investors can invest across several properties in residential (established, development, student, serviced), commercial, retail, rural or land banking in multiple geographic locations.

DomaCom engage specialists to conduct due diligence and, if successful, on settlement the property is segregated into a sub-fund from which the investors receive units. A property manager is appointed and the investor shares in the rental income and future capital value.

DomaCom gives crowdfunding investors the ability to diversify their investment.  Each property sub-fund has a term to expiry of 5 years and subject to a unit holder vote this can be extended up to 15 years in 5 year increments.

DomaCom also operate a unique secondary market to give investors the opportunity to sell their units online at any time, or buy units from other investors.

Property is a relatively stable asset to which the unique DomaCom platform has introduced the attributes of choice, diversification and liquidity that is enjoyed by the share market.