daisee is an Australian software company that builds cutting edge AI applications for business.  They have a unique approach that focuses on creating significant value by blending the best human insights with technology and data to create intelligent applications that learn and adapt.  daisee have developed industry-specific AI applications, within the fields of computer vision and speech analytics, to solve a wide range of challenges faced by business today.  These applications help businesses in the banking, financial services, and insurance industry deliver on regulatory/compliance obligations, improve operational productivity, and enhance customer experience.  Daisee deliver solutions at speed, scale, and with a great degree of transparency.

daisee’s team of data scientists, software engineers, and commercial professionals has leveraged years of Natural Language Processing research at Deakin University to develop a proprietary enterprise SaaS solution that interprets meaning in conversations between businesses and their customers.  Lisa (Linguistic Interpretive Semantic Analysis) listens to 100% of customer conversations and then applies NLP and Machine Learning techniques to automatically highlight key insights and flag “high risk” customer calls.  Their game changing conversational analytics technology has automated the traditionally labour intensive and manual Quality Assurance process in contact centres.  Lisa helps ensure that businesses are focused on the identification of compliant calls, the timely remediation of non-compliant calls, and that front-line customer service agents are delivering a consistent, world-class customer experience.