Auxilis is a technology consulting and product development company that developed from the EZswitch comparison company.

EZswitch was recognised by Silicon Valley Magazine, APAC CIO Outlook, to be in the Top 50 Enterprise Startups for 2018.

Their head office is located at the University of Wollongong Innovation Campus in NSW.

Auxilis are an Amazon Select Consulting Partner based on the certifications held by staff.

Their specialties are smart data extraction, full stack development using the “serverless” architecture, open banking solutions and solutions for the energy and comparison industries.

Auxilis is a “full stack” software solution provider and can provide solutions for both the “frontend” client user interface side (e.g. desktop, tablet, smartphone) and on the “backend” e.g. smart data extraction services.

Auxilis have been developing smart data extraction solutions since 2017 using the latest technology available coupled with their own algorithms and machine learning solutions.

Auxillis provides smart data extraction solutions for a number of organisations in Australia, New Zealand and the UK and is currently expanding into the US market.

They partner with Compare and Connect in Australia and One Big Switch in New Zealand to distribute our smart data extraction technology in the comparison industry sector.

Auxilis partner with EU based Payment Components to offer open banking solutions in Australia, New Zealand and South-east Asia.


  • Smart data extraction solutions
  • Open banking solutions
  • Solutions for the energy and comparison industries.
  • Full stack development using the “serverless” architecture