Christmas comes early for those interested in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Christmas comes early for those interested in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Christmas has come early for many people with the launch of a new platform dedicated purely to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

Australian Blockchain & Cryptocurrency has launched today brought to you by the team behind the hugely successful Australian FinTech platform.

“As more cryptocurrencies launch and variants like NFT’s grow in popularity, it was time to produce a site dedicated to that segment of the fintech industry,” said Cameron Dart, Head of

“There’s been a big hole left with the recent departure of a major Australian blockchain and cryptocurrency news site, so there’s a void to be filled and who better than the team behind the Australian FinTech platform to step up and provide quality content and information,” Dart added.

For the industry, it’s the perfect platform to showcase your products and services, and for the person on the street, it’s a great place to learn about blockchain and crypto products, companies involved in that space and general information to help with education.

“The Australian FinTech site will absolutely still exist and continue with it’s upward growth, but we thought there was room in the market for a more dedicated, niche platform for the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency industry and community,” Dart added.

The new site, live today, is a news aggregation site with all the latest and greatest Blockchain and Cryptocurrency news and information. In addition, there is comprehensive directory of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency companies operating in Australia, an events page and also some education on terminologies for those new to the industry / community.

The Australian Blockchain & Cryptocurrency website is a great addition to the stable of fintech-related websites now run by the Australian FinTech team, joining their sites for the UK, US, Ireland and their global platform, International FinTech.