Australian startup Securely beats Elon Musk to the punch

Australian startup Securely beats Elon Musk to the punch

Queensland-based start-up Securely has taken a monumental step in revolutionizing digital security and combating scams with the development of a provisional patent that pioneers a novel process known as Social Media Identity Securitization (SMIS).

The core of this innovation lies in bridging the gap between social media profiles and bank accounts, ensuring authenticity and security in an increasingly connected online world.

With the proliferation of scams on social media platforms, Securely Holdings recognized the need for a comprehensive solution that not only validates social media identities but also links them securely to bank accounts.

This marks a significant leap forward in digital security and trust, something that Elon Musk has talked about attempting with X (formerly known as Twitter) but has yet to complete.

The patent will be known as Securely Certified and will be made available through existing bank accounts only.

Its operation is simple, your bank will ask you if you wish to verify your Social Media Profile, they will then add you social media account to your existing bank accounts and issue you with a digital wallet the same as a debit card. You will be able to pay for anything on buy/sell platforms like Facebook Marketplace and the money will be held until the asset arrives in good order.

“It’s like a turbo charged updated version of Paypal”

Founder of Securely Holdings, Rob Neely, emphasized the importance of this ground-breaking development, stating, “The very core of our Patent (pend) data orchestration is to solve a global $1 Trillion problem it’s like a turbo charged updated version of Paypal.”

“Our DNA was built in asset securitization using escrow to stop scams, and we built a platform that operates functionally the same as AIRBNB. At its most basic, we hold the money between online buyers and sellers,” Neely said.

The scope of the innovation is vast, covering any social media platform with a profile photo, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (now X), Linkedin, Pinterest, Snapchat, Youtube, TikTok, and more. In a world where nearly half of the global population engages with social media daily, the need for such security measures is evident.

This pioneering orchestration empowers social media users to voluntarily undergo validation of their profiles through Know Your Customer (KYC), facial biometrics, and AI data scraping. It not only enhances online security but also provides a secure gateway for financial transactions, bridging the virtual and real worlds.

Securely Certified’s Social Media Identity Securitization solution has the potential to reshape the digital landscape, fostering a safer, more trustworthy, and interconnected global online community. Licensing and partnership discussions have already commenced in Australia and Singapore, with institutions recognizing the eloquence and sophistication of this orchestration.

A novel solution, an Australian first, a more eloquent ‘Paypal®’ built by Aussies!

Rob Neely further explained, “We are pleased to say we have started licensing and/or partnering discussions in Australia and Singapore with our institution partners noting the eloquence and sophistication of the orchestration.”

The innovation addresses specific problems with platforms like Facebook Marketplace, such as scams and fraud, fake profiles, privacy concerns, lack of accountability, and trust issues. Furthermore, it helps in resolving customer disputes, ensuring safety, maintaining platform reputation, and adhering to regulatory compliance.

By conducting KYC on social media profiles and linking them to bank accounts, the benefits are numerous. These include enhanced security, reduced fake accounts, improved trust, safer transactions, simplified account recovery, legal compliance, and prevention of underage access.

Securely Holdings has ushered in a new era of online safety and security, heralding a significant shift in the way we interact and transact in the digital world.