What is Traxpay?

A faster, safer, smarter way to do B2B financial transactions. A secure electronic payment method for B2B commerce, Traxpay breaks the barriers to real-time, 24/7 transactions and trusted trade. And by connecting full, rich data with each payment, it makes settlement fast and simple. It’s the killer app for generating new revenue streams, accelerating cash flow, and protecting against losses. With Traxpay, you always have complete control and visibility into your cash position.

Why do you need Traxpay?

Whether you are online or offline, Traxpay opens up new possibilities for your business. Now you can handle B2B financial transactions on your terms—in real-time, anytime, anywhere—without the excessive fees, missing data, or risk of losses. You have complete visibility into every aspect of every transaction. You can collaborate effectively with trading partners. The constraints to optimizing cash flow are simply gone. Suddenly, business is… simple.

How does Traxpay work?

Traxpay was designed to fit into your existing workflows. There is no software to download, and it works via API with any web browser, online portal, or directly through your ERP system.