ThinCats is Europe’s largest P2P platform providing secured loans to SMEs. They connect SMEs and investors using their unique sponsorship network and bidding platform.

Founded in 2011, under Kevin Caley and Peter Brown’s direction, ThinCats cuts out the banks and connects experienced investors directly with established UK business borrowers, providing a real alternative for both investors who are seeking decent returns on their investment with security (currently averaging 7 – 8.5% before tax*) and for companies who need funding to develop their business. Lenders get attractive rates of interest with security and fixed monthly payments of interest and capital. Borrowers can get loans from between £100,000-£3m over periods ranging from a few months to five years or more at competitive rates in order to develop their business. ThinCats has also been the first to market with a number of innovative financial products including being the first to offer P2P through a SIPP and its popular auction system.

There are nine fat reasons to lend through ThinCats. Go to their website to find out more.

(*Estimated weighted average annual interest after all costs and provisions for losses of actual defaulted loans after forecasted recovery of security but before income tax (all time). Past performance is not indicative of future results. Capital is at risk.)