Starling Bank is a licensed bank that won’t really act like a bank at all. They believe money should work in-sync with your life, work, and relationships.

Their mission is to create a bank that guides and informs you towards better decisions. By giving you real-time insights, Starling enables you to understand your financial life in a whole new way.

They’re building a full-stack bank from scratch. Their systems are purpose-built for secure, real-time banking, unlike the traditional systems of the established banking world.

They’re using the latest in technology to create a bespoke experience, delivered through your mobile.

Focusing on a single current account product, every piece of information they gather can be used to give you the insight you need to make better decisions and get the most from your money.

Having assembled a team of engineers, artists and economists, the build of the bank is nearing completion and they have just been awarded their banking licence.