About us

SocietyOne is Australia’s leading Peer-to-Peer lender that connects investors with creditworthy borrowers, anonymously, in a secure online platform.

SocietyOne was co-founded by Matt Symons (Chief Executive Officer) and Greg Symons in May 2011.

Matt is a successful entrepreneur and angel investor with a solid track record for building data and analytics-driven technology businesses. He first heard about P2P lending in 2009 when he was based in San Francisco, where he was heading up large-scale digital transformation projects for large financial organisations in the US.

A driven lifetime entrepreneur, Greg’s specialty is in developing web-based, industrial-grade financial banking and origination systems. With ClearMatch™, he continues to pioneer disruptive and globally relevant P2P investment and lending platform models for both consumers and institutions.

After witnessing the success of Peer-to-Peer lending in the UK and the US, both Matt and Greg shared the belief that P2P lending would also have the potential to shake up consumer credit in Australia.

The SocietyOne P2P lending platform, powered by ClearMatch™, was launched on 22 August 2012, and is today Australia’s leading P2P lending platform.

Simply a better way

Online marketplaces have transformed a range of traditional industries including consumer retail, travel, media and entertainment by empowering consumers and lowering transaction costs. With the emergence of innovative platform technologies and more streamlined online credit assessment services, P2P lenders around the world are seeing considerable success building up high quality portfolios and award-winning reputations for great customer service.

Their goal at SocietyOne is to bring this revolutionary potential to Australia, where banks still dominate the consumer credit market. They want to shake up the consumer finance industry by giving borrowers better rates to match their credit histories whilst providing investors with the opportunity to invest in a profitable asset class