InvoiceSharing is a free electronic invoices network with Accounting-Robot and an appstore with great products that use invoices to make businesses successful to lower cost and improve cashflow. Sharing makes any business successful.

The InvoiceSharing team is committed to help companies with their cash and cost worries! The company is founded by entrepreneurs who built successful companies before, and understand the sleepless nights of clients paying late, while salaries have to be paid and high cost levels of administrative processes.

They believe connecting companies and their systems and facilitate the distribution of electronic invoices can solve these worries!

InvoiceSharing provide an online platform where companies connect their accountings system or electronic invoicing platform. These companies send and receive electronic invoices directly from their system, via InvoiceSharing, to the client system (they consider PDF as electronic paper, not as an electronic invoice). They speak all the languages of all systems, platforms and suppliers. They made this process free!

InvoiceSharing are not an electronic invoicing platform! They connect systems and distribute invoices, for free. Their revenues come from the sale of premium products for ‘things’ that you can use with electronic invoices, and be successful. Their marketplace is stuffed with great products and services that you can use, but definitely don’t need to use.

Successful for us means lower costs (e.g. automating invoice processing, reporting tools), better cash flow (e.g. connecting all providers of alternative financing).

In addition they sell white label versions of the platform to banks, software companies and platforms that need electronic invoices for their product offerings.

InvoiceSharing believe in an open and connected world, where connected companies are more successful. Therefore each company is equally important for us to make the network better. They are here to help companies of any size!