Credit Sense is an efficiency solution designed to provide easy, fast and secure access to reliable and accurate bank account transaction analysis.

Credit Sense offers a host of benefits for businesses that review their customer’s bank statements as part of their suitability assessment process. Immediate access to a fully analysed 90 day transaction history for your customer facilitates faster and more precise decisions, improving customer service and risk management.

Credit Sense reports are tailored to meet the needs of specific markets. They are feature rich and can include income streams, current loans, repayment histories, general living expenses and a range of metrics to help you understand what the information means to your business.

They understand that different businesses need to manage different risks and whether you need to verify income, understand existing borrowing obligations and capacity, comply with legislation or assess how consistently your customer maintains other obligations, they can deliver a report that will satisfy your needs.

Credit Sense is cost effective, delivered on-line and can be seamlessly integrated into on-line, in-store or mobile application processes.