CapitalStackers is a peer to peer lending platform dedicated to real estate finance. Their people have a property lending background and are steeped in relevant experience. They deal with commercial and residential property deals and their borrowers are a mix of property investors and developers.

They are supported financially and professionally by Hallidays, a firm of accountants with an excellent reputation. This is not the first time CapitalStackers and Hallidays management have come together in the world of property finance and information technology. In 1999 they set up pi-FRAME Ltd, a small and specialised software house which sells real estate lending risk analysis software to banks and property lending boutiques.

The cost of what they do is borne entirely by the borrower and most of their return is paid only when their lending members have been fully repaid.

On behalf of their lending members they evaluate deals and post on the platform only those they consider to offer an acceptable risk profile. They undertake in depth analysis and financial modelling and seek further professional advice from external firms of valuers, cost consultants and project monitors. Lenders then make their own decisions about participating, at what level of risk and at what return. Then, once a deal has been written, they monitor its performance and report back regularly. Monthly for development loans, quarterly for investments.