Calibre was established in 1999 in Sydney, Australia by a small team of IT consultants and investment professionals who had worked on trading and asset management systems for large Funds Managers and other financial institutions. They realised that there was a need in the Australian market for research database expertise, as the scale of information (in particular quantitative estimates and factors) being gathered by each team increased.

Around that time most large Asset Managers were building an internal database solution with varying levels of success. Smaller organisation were using purely Excel-based solutions which were easy to build but very expensive to maintain. Both of these organisations were unable to invest sufficiently in their systems to make them flexible and efficient enough to be a good basis for changes in the market and the cost pressures that were to come. The systems took significant time to develop because the IT teams involved did not have the investment knowledge and each time were learning as they went.

Initially they worked with a number of large Australian Funds Managers, building custom systems for Fundamental and Quantitative teams, and over time CalibreRMS – their core product – evolved. Their background as consultants remained, however and they continued their primarily focus on delivering outcomes rather than deploying shrink-wrapped software. As their client base grew from 2004 to 2007 they added new CalibreRMS modules and expanded into the sell side, with a large global broker using their database as their core system for Quantitative estimates and client feeds throughout Australia, Asia and Japan.

The diverse range of clients that Calibre has implemented systems for, has meant that the CalibreRMS modules needed to be highly customisable. They allow Calibre to deliver a custom solution very quickly and at a very reasonable price for their clients. They have added extra modules to reflect the changes in the past 10 years such as full Web-based reporting tools, and programming APIs that allow internal teams to use Calibre as a core system and building key competitive advantage sub-systems in-house.