With collective backgrounds in disruptive technology, property and financial services, the BrickX team is passionate about Australia’s ability to provide innovative technology solutions to property investing that disrupt the status quo, many of which are no longer relevant to consumers today.

BrickX saw the opportunity within the existing Real Estate asset class to transform the way consumers buy and sell investment property in Australia.

BrickX is built on innovation and a desire to offer investors greater access to the Australian residential real estate market.

From already seasoned property investors to those entirely new to the market, they want to open the door to Australian residential property, by making it easy for investors to research and purchase interests in property.

Property investment has traditionally been limited by obstacles such as large cash deposit amounts, stamp duty, and the typically long holding periods needed before positive returns are realised—if at all. Their team’s aim is to remove as many of these obstacles as we can, so more investors can add property to their portfolio.

BrickX want to give investors the freedom to choose. Whether they want to dip in and out of the market, get rental income, or hold onto their ‘Bricks’ for the incremental capital gains without being locked in for weeks, months or years, BrickX investors have the power to choose.